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International Paper Models Convention 2021 Awards

The primary purpose of the International Paper Modelers' Convention is the enjoyment and promotion of the art and craft of paper model design and building; the sharing of wisdom, tips, and techniques; the trading of stories about the craft and its artisans; and the sharing of camaraderie and good fellowship. Awards are bestowed in that spirit.

Awards will be made in the following categories:

People's Choice: The People's Choice Award will be presented to the model voted "best" by all of the visitors and participants. All IPMC participants who wish to have their models considered for this award will be issued small cards with numbers printed on them. Participants should place a numbered card next to each model or group of models they wish to have considered. Every person who walks through the door will be given a ballot to register an opinion as to the model they think is best by whatever criteria they choose. The model with the most votes wins.

Theme Category - "Flyin' Things": Peregrine falcons, Montgolfier balloons, Alberto Santos-Dumont's Demoiselle, aluminum overcasts, tin geese, snow geese, dandelion seeds, kites, paper darts, pterosaurs, birds, bats, fairydiddles, bladerunner spinners, and Exocoetidae. Let your imagination soar with the 2020 IPMC theme of Flyin' Things!.

Best Table Display: Prizes will be awarded on the basis of eye appeal, enhancement of the appearance of the models displayed, and overall impression.

Most Unusual Model: Eye appeal and artisanship count, of course, but this one is entirely subjective, and one award, with one prize, will be determined by the sempiternal and inscrutable Awards Committee.

Greg Perry Silk Purse Out Of A Sow's Ear Award: Endowed, selected, and awarded by Greg Perry. One award to the best build of a "bad" kit. "Bad" meaning poor paper, ill-fitting parts, and other challenges.

Awards Committee Special Awards (ACSAs): The Awards Committee will make a number of awards for categories to be announced at the time of the awards ceremony. These awards are intended to recognize contributions to the paper modeling craft and to the IPMC, leavened by good humor and fellowship.

Don Boose, Anne McCombs, Ray Smith, Lil Boose and Alan Wheeler (Emeritus)
IPMC 2019 Awards Committee